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Dr. Thomas Beighlie

Partner, Clinician, Surgeon

Dr. Beighlie’s veterinary medicine career has proven immensely satisfying for him. Most importantly, he feels an inner warmth when he can use his skills to keep animals healthy. Healthy, well-cared-for pets can enjoy longer relationships with their pet parents. Dr. Beighlie also likes to use his scientific mindset to solve complex medical cases that resemble intricate puzzles. Finally, Dr. Beighlie satisfies his artisan nature by using his hands to perform healing surgeries. Each day, he feels fortunate that he’s found a gratifying career that allows him to serve his clients and their beloved pets!

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Thomas Beighlie grew up with agriculture in his genes, as his ancestors had homesteaded the Midwestern United States. His parents pursued a different path, though, as they worked for Trans World Airlines in the early years of commercial aviation. Since his father was an airline captain, Thomas and his siblings got quite an education in geography and culture, as they traveled to many corners of the world.

When Thomas was 11 years old, he told his father he wanted to be a veterinarian. This decision set Thomas’ career in motion, and he gained experience by working as a veterinary technician during his high school and college years. While earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Chemistry, Thomas also developed his technical skills and lifelong commitment to caring for pets.

After completing veterinary school in Italy, Thomas completed his post-graduate training at the New York City-based Animal Medical Center. Next, his 12 years of critical care and emergency service work helped him fine-tune his diagnostic, treatment, and surgical abilities. Dr. Beighlie expresses his gratitude to the many veterinarians, professors, and mentors who helped him become an accomplished veterinarian.

After settling in California, Dr. Beighlie’s veterinary practice work included serving as Chief of Staff of the Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Norwalk, California. He felt honored that his facility was asked to handle the routine and emergency care for the region’s police service dogs.

In 2008, Dr. Beighlie and Dr. Mintzer merged their practices, creating All Pets Medical and Surgical Center. Dr. Beighlie strongly feels that both doctors bring special skills and a wealth of experience to the practice. As a result, patients receive more efficient care and experience better outcomes; and pet parents often see reduced treatment costs.

Looking back at his 48 years in veterinary medicine, including 34 years as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Beighlie still loves being an active part of the veterinary profession. He thoroughly enjoys meeting his clients, and absolutely loves caring for their pets.

Dr. Beighlie also stays very busy in his personal life. He enjoys surfing, sailing, racing Go-Karts, and hitting the slopes with his son. Dr. Beighlie’s active life also includes plenty of hiking, cycling, and camping. Photography and history also pique his curiosity. He speaks Italian, French, and Spanish; which adds an extra dimension to his travels abroad.

Dr. Beighlie also believes in giving back to his community. He has helped to lead animal-related disaster relief efforts, served as a lecturer at the Long Beach Police Academy, and volunteered as a Cub Scout leader.

While Dr. Beighlie doesn’t currently have any pets, he’s amused by Foxy, his son’s papillon/miniature pinscher mix. Foxy is intensely jealous of Zeus, her feline housemate. Clearly, Foxy would love to put Zeus in his place. However, Zeus is bigger than Foxy, and she’s smart enough to realize the dangerous consequences of such a move.

Dr. Charles Mintzer

Partner, Clinician

By the time Charles Mintzer was 10 years old, he was already known as the neighborhood animal caretaker. Growing up in a small Queens, New York apartment, Charles often walked neighbors’ pets and was always concerned about their health. In his own home, Charles kept non-traditional pets such as chameleons, garden snakes, a mynah bird, and a baby chick that somehow grew into a raucous rooster. Following a family trip to Florida, Charles even found himself with a baby alligator. Young Charles’ affinity for animals continued throughout his life, providing him with a wonderful foundation for his veterinary career!

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Growing up with his mother and older sister, Charles enjoyed playing roller hockey, football, and stickball. He competed in Little League baseball until age 10, when he realized that he didn’t have the talent to succeed as a professional baseball player. Once he abandoned that goal, Charles happily focused on becoming a veterinarian, and enjoyed his mother’s lifelong support for his career choice.

During Charles’ high school years, he participated in a program for students who planned to become veterinarians. For two summers, Charles worked on dairy farms in upstate New York. Next, he enrolled in Cornell University’s undergraduate program, and worked in animal hospitals during his summers. In 1978, Charles graduated from the Cornell University College of Veterinary medicine. By that time, Charles was ready for a change of climate, and happily moved to warm, sunny southern California.

After purchasing and growing his own veterinary practice, Dr. Mintzer combined his efforts with Dr. Beighlie in 2008. After both practices were merged, the new All Pets Medical and Surgical Center offered more sophisticated technology and expanded treatment options.

In particular, Dr. Mintzer is intrigued by veterinary dermatology; and he has been fortunate to receive additional training from recognized dermatology specialists.

Dr. Mintzer has also become knowledgeable about veterinary dentistry, and has concerns about the potentially severe impacts of poor dental care on an animal’s overall health. He very much wants to focus on dental disease prevention, as the problems are often far advanced by the time his clients notice any symptoms.

While Dr. Mintzer appreciates the technology and treatments at his command, he always focuses on the profound human-animal bond at the heart of his clients’ relationships with their pets. His first dog Angel, a beautiful golden retriever who enriched the entire family’s life, taught him the life-changing importance of that relationship.

When Dr. Mintzer’s away from the hospital, he enjoys life with his wife Leslie. He’s also an energetic ice hockey player, and his team has won the league championship several times in the past few years. The couple’s son is currently a junior in college; and he enjoys playing a few rounds of golf with his father during breaks from school. The couple’s fourth-grade daughter is an active young lady who enjoys sports, dancing, and singing in the choir.

Finally, the Mintzer home has a well-balanced complement of furry family members. Carson the Chihuahua loves to relax on the Lazy Boy recliner with Dr. Mintzer’s mother, who also lives with the family. Mowgli the French bulldog is a people magnet who loves everyone. In contrast, the family’s two cats, Crookshanks and Sauly, have adopted their own agenda. These two independent felines believe they belong at the top of the household pecking order.


Veterinary Technician

Donna’s animal care experience stretches all the way back to high school. After joining the school’s Future Farmers of America chapter, Donna met many large farm animals through her group’s activities. Donna also spent many hours volunteering in a small-animal practice during her high school years. While her large-animal experience was valuable, Donna was drawn to the small-animal work. Her love of animals, keen interest in veterinary medicine, and sense of fulfillment in nursing pets back to health make her a valuable addition to the All Pets Medical and Surgical Center team!

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Growing up, Donna’s close-knit family included her mother and two sisters. The family moved around during Donna’s childhood, but finally settled in West Covina, California. Donna quickly found her musical niche; and participated in the school band throughout her elementary, junior high, and high school years. As a confirmed animal lover, Donna also rescued numerous animals during her childhood.

In 2004, Donna began working for Dr. Beighlie; and she stayed on his team after Dr. Beighlie and Dr. Mintzer merged their practices in 2008. Because Donna’s always eager to improve her technical skills, she enrolled in Mt. San Antonio College in pursuit of her Registered Veterinary Technician certificate.

While Donna has rescued many animals through the years, one lucky abandoned dog became part of the hospital’s family until she found her forever home. Donna still remembers scooping scared little Gracie from a busy street, and taking the scruffy pooch to All Pets Medical and Surgical Center for a safe night’s sleep. The next day, Donna gave Gracie a bath, and the veterinarians gave Gracie a clean bill of health. She stayed at the hospital for 30 days until a client fell in love with her and gave her a comfy home. Donna was grateful for the chance to help Gracie move to a better life, and hopes to also play a role in more animals’ rescues.

Donna currently enjoys life with her fiance, her mother, and her sisters. Besides attending concerts and visiting museums, Donna likes to travel. She was fortunate to accompany her mother to El Salvador, her mother’s beautiful homeland. Donna was especially captivated by her grandmother’s stunning beachfront property.

Currently, Donna’s furry family members include Max, her shy orange tabby who hides from everybody. In fact, when Donna brings Max to work, he burrows under the newspaper, convinced that he’s totally invisible. Donna also gives lots of attention to Princess, her fiance’s shih tzu, a lively little ball of energy who keeps Donna and her fiance on their toes.


Veterinary Technician

Nikki is fortunate that she works in a field she absolutely loves. In fact, someone once asked her a very thought-provoking question about her work. If she could do any job in the world, and money wasn’t a concern, what profession would make her the happiest? Nikki didn’t hesitate to answer: She would be doing exactly the same work she’s doing now. Nikki receives immense satisfaction from helping pets to remain healthy, and she enjoys building lasting relationships with the clients and pets she meets!

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Growing up in San Dimas, California, Nikki spent her childhood with her parents and younger brother. She has always loved animals, and has kept many pets throughout her lifetime. In third grade, Nikki began her lifelong relationship with horses, acquiring her first equine companion and taking riding lessons.

Nikki began her veterinary medicine career in 2004, working with a veterinarian who treated many exotic animals along with domestic pets. While working at this hospital, Nikki encountered hawks, owls, raccoons, venomous snakes, and macaws. Nikki enjoyed getting such intensive exposure to a wide variety of animals.

In 2006, Nikki came to All Pets Medical and Surgical Center, as she wanted to work in a larger hospital with more sophisticated technology. Working with Dr. Mintzer, Dr. Beighlie, and several capable veterinary technicians, Nikki has honed the technical skills that help expand her capabilities in the exam rooms and surgical suite. She also attends Mt. San Antonio College in pursuit of her Registered Veterinary Technician credential.

Nikki most enjoys helping pets recover from illnesses and surgeries. She also thrives on meeting pets and pet parents in the exam rooms, as these interactions allow her to build relationships that will hopefully last for years.

Nikki still lives in San Dimas, residing there with her fiance, Brandon, and an assortment of pets. She still loves horseback riding, and makes time for her passion every weekend. While Nikki enjoys guiding her horse through obstacle courses, she also loves to get the horse up to a full gallop. In fact, Nikki feels that galloping her horse is the most exciting thing she does.

When Nikki’s not riding her horse, she enjoys music, and attends concerts as frequently as possible. Nikki and her family enjoy target practice and skeet shooting as well. They also spend time at the family’s beach house in Rosarito, Mexico. Nikki has visited the beach house since she was a baby, and considers it the place that brings her the most peace.

Finally, Nikki’s home hosts a miniature zoo full of animals. Her sweet pit bull Mia, along with her rambunctious rat terrier Jax, round out the canine family members. Grandma, Nikki’s grumpy old female cat, tolerates Bristol, the diva-like female Persian feline. Nikki also shares her home with Kevin, a sun conure bird who talks like a sailor. Finally, Nikki keeps two goldfish and three koi fish in a 40-gallon aquarium. Nikki also loves Abbey, the super-smart, entertaining hospital cat who keeps Nikki smiling throughout her work day.


Office Administrator

Diane’s life has provided her with many opportunities to enrich animals’ lives while giving her a sense of fulfillment. Growing up, Diane provided tender loving care to her neighbors’ pets during vacations. Working at veterinary hospitals has also proven very gratifying, as Diane can play a part in animals’ healing experiences. Over the years, one particular patient stands out. Will was a special-needs cat who captivated Dr. Mintzer and his staff, and he became a much-loved hospital cat cared for by everyone. While Will was eventually adopted by a staff member, this charming, loving cat made a lifelong impression on Diane and her coworkers!

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Diane spent her childhood in Upland, California. She shared her home with her parents, older brother, older sisters, and many cats. Diane enjoyed playing sports, going to the beach, and visiting the large and small animals at the Pomona Fair. Diane’s family, church, teachers, and friends all positively influenced her life.

Diane began her veterinary medicine career at a veterinary hospital within her town. In August 1995, Diane joined Dr. Mintzer’s practice, thrilled to gain exposure to a wider variety of animals. After several years, Diane followed Dr. Mintzer to All Pets Medical and Surgical Center, giving her even more opportunities to broaden her skills. Now that Diane has become the practice’s office administrator, her eight years of veterinary technician experience have helped her to understand her coworkers’ needs.

For the past 11 years, Diane has handled the practice’s inventory management duties. She has also helped to produce colorful, informative client communications materials. Diane also looks for ways to make her coworkers’ jobs more fulfilling. Diane truly feels the practice’s veterinarians and staff make every work day an enjoyable experience.

When Diane leaves the hospital, she spends time with her husband and extended family, who enjoy watching sports and participating in outdoor activities. They are an important part of her life, as this good-sized group enjoys varied outdoor pursuits and trips to local restaurants. She also regularly attends church, and likes to compile photo albums and family movies to share with family members.

While Diane doesn’t currently share her home with any pets, she has fond memories of Clyde and Kitty. These much-loved domestic shorthaired cats shared Diane’s home for many years.

Vanessa Padilla

Head Registered Veterinary Technician, Supervisor, Inventory Manager

Throughout Vanessa’s life, she has generously contributed her animal care skills to a variety of worthy causes. After attending college, she began volunteering in local animal hospitals; and she currently donates her veterinary technician skills to a non-profit animal group. Vanessa’s most memorable volunteer experience occurred during her first trip with the World Vets organization. Traveling to Ecuador, Vanessa assisted with over 200 free spays and neuters for low-income families. Vanessa received great satisfaction from helping these families improve the quality of their pets’ lives!

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Growing up in Monterey Park, California with her mother and sister, Vanessa’s first pet inspired her to help other animals. She fed every stray who came to the home, and numerous animals followed her home from school. By the time Vanessa was 11 years old, she knew she wanted to work in an animal hospital. As she became older, Vanessa was increasingly fascinated by animal medicine.

During high school, Vanessa excitedly told her high school counselor that she wanted to become a veterinarian. The counselor tried to discourage Vanessa, stressing the long, grueling path that led to a veterinarian career. However, Vanessa refused to be dissuaded, and vowed to continue on her journey.

As the next step, Vanessa enrolled in California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; and she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science. After passing the state’s Registered Veterinary Technician exam, Vanessa took on three veterinary technician jobs at once. She worked at a conventional animal hospital and a mobile animal clinic; and she also honed her skills at a veterinary emergency hospital. While juggling three jobs was challenging, Vanessa found that her diverse experiences improved her veterinary technician skills.

Vanessa has been associated with All Pets Medical and Surgical Center since college, when she began volunteering for Dr. Beighlie. Now, as a Registered Veterinary Technician with extensive experience, Vanessa enjoys challenging emergency cases and surgeries. She thrives on providing vital assistance to the veterinarian while also learning valuable new skills.

When Vanessa’s not helping patients and clients, she enjoys hiking, attending concerts, and traveling. Vanessa has also logged some rather unconventional leisure-time experiences. She swam with sharks in the Bahamas, hand fed Costa Rican monkeys, climbed an Hawaiian volcano, and rappelled down a Puerto Rican waterfall. She also lived in a Nicaraguan home where bats flew through the living room; and rode up an Ecuadoran mountain for two hours to reach the hot springs. Vanessa also supports cancer research awareness by participating in walks, runs, and mud obstacle competitions. Vanessa’s especially proud of her gladiator mud run, as she navigated the 16-obstacle course even after fighting a cold for two weeks.

Of course, Vanessa’s 11-year-old miniature pinscher infuses her life with much joy. This well-loved little pooch experienced some serious medical difficulties in 2013. However, after appropriate medications and plenty of rest, Vanessa’s charming little canine has resumed his fun-loving lifestyle.

Susan Scurto

Pet Groomer

Susan began her pet grooming career when she was just a young girl. She looked for every opportunity to comb, brush, or wash a family pet. Besides frequently grooming her dogs and cats, Susan stroked and preened her pet mouse and bird as well. She focused much of her attention on the family dog, giving this patient pooch a different hair style during each grooming session. This wealth of practical experience helped prepare Susan to become an accomplished pet groomer!

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When Susan grew older and entered the job market, she came upon an ad for a dog groomer. Susan called to apply, and was surprised at being asked which grooming school she attended. In fact, Susan didn’t realize that she could get a formal pet grooming education. She jumped at the opportunity to become skilled at a hobby she had enjoyed for many years.

Now grooming for over 20 years, Susan has been part of the All Pets Medical and Surgical Center team since 2003. Whether Susan gives a perky cocker spaniel a breed standard haircut, or washes and fluffs a client’s regal Persian cat, she enjoys giving each pet a clean, shiny look. Susan also loves forming a bond with each dog or cat she meets on her grooming table. She grooms clients’ furry family members with the same love and patience she would extend to her own cherished pets. When Susan sees that pet again, she happily renews that warm friendship while she makes them look their best.


Veterinary Assistant, Kennel Attendant

When a friend told him about an open position here at All Pets Medical and Surgical Center, Clifford jumped at the chance to learn more about the behind-the-scenes aspects of a veterinary clinic while giving his time toward the betterment of animals. He couldn’t be happier with his choice! Clifford gets to help pet owners and their loving companions every day as a member of the hospital care team.

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Clifford grew up in Azusa and Santa Paula, California, then moved to Texas for a few years with his family before returning to his home state and finishing school. He joined the All Pets Medical and Surgical Center team in April of 2015, and he’s been a member of the clinic family ever since!

When he isn’t helping pets here at the hospital or cheering on his Los Angeles Lakers, Clifford enjoys spending time with his family, girlfriend, and pets—he has five dogs and three cats.

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