November 17, 2018
vet visit

When Your Pet Hates The Vet: How To Help Your Pet Through A Stressful Vet Visit

With well over 100 million domestic cats and dogs in the United States, veterinary visits are a fact of life for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, those visits can also cause our furry companions intense stress. Not surprisingly, many dogs, cats, and other pets have deep anxiety about going to the vet. A vet visit can quickly […]
November 16, 2018
why isn't my dog eating

Why Is My Dog Not Eating? Troubleshooting Your Dog’s Sudden Change In Appetite

There’s no denying that dog is man’s best friend. The fact that 68 percent of American homes have a dog certainly supports it. So when one of our beloved pets starts acting odd, pet parents tend to panic. If you’ve recently found yourself wondering, “why is my dog not eating?” keep reading. We’re breaking down […]